Security concerns to keep in mind with self-storage services

lockIf you are serious about getting the most out of your self-storage unit (regardless of exactly what you have decided to store inside it), you’re going to want to make sure that any particular service you are using has implemented all of the advanced security technologies available today.

Obviously, when you decide to use a self-storage unit, you are understanding that there is a bit of risk to this type of proposal and situation – but when you work with reliable and reputable services you’re able to mitigate as much of that risk as possible.

Here are just a few security concerns you need to investigate before signing on the dotted line and agreeing to any self-storage contract!

Do they have general alarm systems installed, and how are they monitored?

The most obvious thing that you are going to want to investigate is whether or not you have a self-storage unit that is protected with a “general alarm system”, not dissimilar to the general alarm systems that are installed in homes and businesses all over the world.

Not only should this technology the made available to you regardless of the unit that you decide to move forward with, but you should also inquire as to how these alarm systems are monitored – and if there will be a guard on site 24/7.

Dothey take advantage of infrared or motion detecting cameras solutions for unit security?

Secondly, you are going to want to investigate whether or not your particular self-storage unit is protected by infrared or motion detecting cameras, or a commendation of the two highly advanced technologies.

A lot of facilities that aren’t protected with an on-site guard 24/7 have been moving towards infrared and motion detecting camera setups, but not all of them have decided to make the leap. This is definitely something that you will want to investigate, and you’ll also want to make sure that your particular self-storage unit is in the window of coverage for the systems if they are installed.

Have they implemented fire alarms, smoke alarms, and other “indivisible threat” alarms throughout the storage space?

Theft is not the only thing that you need to make sure you and your belongings are protected from.

Fire, smoke, and even flooding can all represent serious issues to the safety and security of your possessions that are placed in a self-storage unit or locker, and you need to make sure that there are safety devices installed to protect you from these issues.

You also want to make sure that the systems are monitored not only by the self-storage company or service themselves, but also monitored by all of the local emergency services so that you can get the protection and assistance you need almost immediately.

Obviously, these are not the only safety concerns you need to be considering, but they definitely represent some of the most valuable and important solutions you need to verify.

Climate Control Storage For Pharmaceuticals

business storageWith any business that’s selling a product, storage will always be a concern. And as the product gets more specialized, the options for storage become more limited. This is true for many pharmaceutical representatives, who often have to store drugs samples and other medical supplies while they’re on the road. For these people, self-storage units can be a great solution.

Now, because storage units are more exposed to the elements than some facilities, and pharmaceutical supplies are more sensitive than other items that people might store, the most important consideration when looking for a self-storage unit for pharmaceuticals is climate control. Most medicine can be kept between 50 and 80 degrees, but the specific products you’re dealing with may have a different range. Look into a storage unit with temperature or climate control. Speak to the self-storage facility representative about what temperature range can be expected in the unit. Temperature isn’t the only consideration: humidity and moisture are also problematic, so inquire about this as well. And you also need a facility that’s clean and free of insects, rodents, and other pests.

The next consideration must be the security of the facility. Pharmaceuticals are very valuable inventory. Some medications are controlled substances, and so are worth quite a bit on the black market, and worth even more to addicts. For this reason, look carefully at the facility’s security. Access to the unit must obviously be secure, with a keypad entry system that only you know the code for, or similarly secure lock and key. The facility should have a high fence around it, and a locked gate at the entrance. And you’ll also want a facility with round-the-clock surveillance. That includes security cameras, but also security staff who are on hand at all times and stationed at the entrance gate. Of course, security staff and safety procedures aren’t a guarantee of safety, so actually speak to the facility’s staff. Find out how serious they are about maintaining the security of their facility. They should be aware of who goes in and who goes out, and there should be clear procedures in place should something go wrong.

There are practical considerations as well when renting a self-storage unit. You want to ensure that you can find a unit that fits the current size of your business. This is one of the true advantages of self-storage over more traditional storage buildings. It means you aren’t paying for space that you’re not using – but, if the facility offers units of many different sizes, it provides the option to move to a large unit if your business expands, just by moving your supplies down the row.

Also look at how much the units can be customized. Self-storage units are intentionally set up to be blank canvases – large empty square rooms, ideal for setting up shelves, work tables, or whatever else you require to properly run your businesses. In some facilities, units will actually come with these amenities pre-installed, which saves you time and money.

Self-Storage For E-Commerce Stores


An e-commerce site offers a great way to sell your product without the need of an expensive storefront – but there still is one physical space problem: where do you keep your inventory? One option is a self-storage facility. These rentable units can be used for anything, but it’s very easy to set up a few shelves and turn the place into your very own personal warehouse.

A self-storage unit works much like a warehouse, too. You are the only one with access to the unit, with an exclusive passcode that no one else knows. You can access the unit any time you want, and add or remove as many items as you’d like, whenever you’d like. Many storage units are drive-up units, meaning you can bring your car or delivery truck right to the door of the storage unit, just like a bay in a factory.


Once inside the storage unit, you have free reign to set things up however you’d like to meet your working style, inventory type, and business storage needs. Storage units are designed as large, empty, square spaces, making them perfect for installing temporarily shelving, or setting up workbenches or other gear. If you have specialized stock that requires specific types of care, self-storage companies offer units with specialized amenities. If you’re storing pharmaceutical supplies that have to be stored at a specific temperature, you can find a temperature-controlled unit. If you’re dealing with books, fabrics, or anything else that can be damaged by moisture, many units offer humidity control. And if you’re running equipment in the unit, or if you plan on working in the unit for an extended period of time, be sure to look into units with power hookups as well.


Running a business, it’s incredibly important that your stock is kept safe and secure. In a self-storage facility, not only is your unit locked at all time with a keycode that only you know, but entrance to these facilities is generally protected by a locked gate with a guard standing by. Security cameras monitor the facility at all hours, and guards are on hand to look out for suspicious activity. These guards can also serve another purpose: they can be there to sign for deliveries and keep them safe until you can pick them up. This means you can actually use the storage locker as your business’ address.


These facilities also offer another advantage: a variety of unit sizes at different price points. This means that you only pay for the exact amount of storage you need without wasting space or money, but it also means you have the flexibility to change units as your business expands. If you rented or purchased a building, that building would always be the same size. Storage units are rented on a monthly basis, so you can even acquire additional storage on a temporary basis, which is great if you have extra stock to get you through the Christmas rush or for a particularly large order.